Reliability Consulting

High quality services by and for reliability profesionnals

By conducting a thorough assessment of existing processes, our experts can highlight areas that need attention and suggest ways to optimize operations, reduce costs and improve productivity. They can also identify opportunities to implement new technologies or techniques that can provide a competitive advantage.

Overall, our reliability experts will be able to help your company stay ahead of the curve by providing valuable information and recommendations that can be used to make informed decisions and continuously improve operations.

Our support has, on average, achieved the following improvements:

Reduction in failure risks
Reduction in maintenance time
Increase in machine availability
Increase in planners' productivity
Months for average ROI
*This data, based on the experience of Spartakus Technologies, is given as an indication and does not represent a contractual commitment.

Maintenance Strategy

The key to guiding your maintenance program from reactivity to proactivity.

Our team of certified technicians and engineers master the maintenance strategy optimization process in order to ensure the right procedures are done at the right times.

  • Lubrication
  • Condition monitoring
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance

Reliability Assessment

Through interviews with key personnel, analysis of the various processes in place and available data & tools, our experts compare your current practices to recognized standards in your industry.

Evaluation of current practices

Our engineers conduct an on-site audit of your maintenance and reliability program.

Establishing an action plan with you

Gain valuable insight and develop a plan that prioritizes measurable benefits.

Support in the implementation process

We'll assist you in optimizing your reliability program to a world-class standard.

Master Data

Master your equipment hierarchy development with the help of our experts.

What is Master Data?

Master data is a philosophy of data organization, where every aspect of a factory from ID numbers to spare parts is recorded in a comprehensible and easily accessible format.

The Advantages

Quality Master data will enable your maintenance team to access valuable knowledge such as technical information and procedures.

Master data is one of the core gateways to a good reliability program, allowing for quality routes, part management, KPIs, and much more.

Our Services

For new installations or existing data hierarchy improvements, we will help you reach the maximum potential of your ERP or CMMS. Your team will then be able to optimize maintenance strategies, track the cost of assets, and maintain up-to-date technical information.

Equipment Criticality Ranking
Embosser 9
Overhead crane system 8
Driven roll 6
External splicing unit 6
Internal splicing unit 6
Rewinder 6
Driven rolls unit 5
Lower draw roll 5
Log accumulator 4
Palletizer 4
Core Accumulator 3
Internal unwinder rear 3
Internal unwinder front 3
Case packer 3
Log loader 2
Corewinder 2
Conveyors 2
Platform access barriers 1
Communication layout 1
Cameras system 1

Criticality Strategy

This methodology is designed to identify assets that have the most impact on a plant's operations. It is a quantitative process that uses objective criteria only, which we will use to consider a probable worst case scenario for each piece of equipment's potential failures.

The Benefits

  • Prioritize work orders and maintenance activities
  • Establish the optimum maintenance strategy
  • Prioritize capital projects
  • Prioritize RCA activities
  • Decide on the critical parts to have in stock
  • Quantify the intrinsic risk of each asset
  • Spend money and effort on the most critical assets

Our reliability experts can help your company optimize operations, reduce costs and improve productivity by evaluating your existing processes. We also provide quality training to help you master maintenance strategies and become a reliability expert.

No matter your skill level or role, we can help you implement reliability initiatives with confidence. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.