360° asset health monitoring solutions

PM Optimization

For preventive, predictive, operator or lubrication activities

Routes management

Build, plan, schedule and execute on mobile devices

Asset health

Track alarms, work orders, KPIs, schedule compliance and savings


To other cloud or field services


Asset health at your fingertips

Paperless maintenance rounds

Access your results anywhere, at any time, on your laptop, smartphone or tablet, with or without network connection.

KPIs that actually bring value

Consult your results, alerts, corrective actions and key performance indicators to improve decision making.

Built for boots-on-the-ground people

Our interface is one of the most user-friendly on the market, as described by millwrights and operators.

Forget about double entry

Automate data transfert between Spartakus and your systems (CMMS, ERP or other)

Easily integrated into your processes of work management and defect elimination, Spartakus is a game-changer and a true differentiator for reliability professionals.


already integrated with:

Connect and monitor what matters

Our available predictive and preventive technologies include detailed reporting and customized failure codes, observations and recommendations.


Oil analysis



Inspection rounds

Lubrication rounds

Electrical tests

Diagnostic / Calibration

Other NDT

Quick and efficient implementation

Spartakus Technologies brings valuable solutions to clients by designing and implementing user-friendly software that links their assets’ health with their maintenance strategies.

Our in-house development team enables quick deployment with customized support to our end users.

Reliability professionals at your service

Solution design

Establish your goals, IT requirements, training schedules

Reliability engineering

Onsite data collection, asset master data, PM/Lube/Operator programs optimization, routes creation and documentation

Plan and schedule routes

Implement routes in CMMS, fill PM calendar, assist in scheduling activities

Training and coaching

Train plant floor personel, assist in corrective actions management, integrate multi-technology systems



Maintenance Strategy Optimization | Mining and Metals

Improving production reliability

Our client, a major mining company in a competitive industrial sector, had to reduce financial losses from assets' mechanical failures. It was therefore imperative to establish a culture of reliability and proactive asset management.

Technicians and engineers who worked on this project used the Spartakus platform to review preventive maintenance tasks covering 16 high-risk equipment sets.

Looking for a solution

The first step in understanding site's assets has been to identify associated failure modes. After first inspection rounds, alerts and new results appeared in asset health results.


Within the first month, the introduction of the new PM through Spartakus has made it possible to identify 8 major problems: pumps about to break down, clogged lubrication nozzles and insidious oil leaks. By systematically analysing failure modes and following a rigorous process such as the one built in Spartakus, it is possible to quickly and efficiently fill gaps in maintenance strategies.

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